• Gym

    The o2 health studio has been equipped with world-class equipments, to make exercise enjoyable & injury free to its clients. It hosts a range of cardio respiratory fitness equipments & strength training machines to train all parts of your body. The trainers are certified in fitness & first aid and they constantly undergo fitness-training programs, conducted by renowned fitness experts. The Floor incharges, who will make exercise simpler & suitable to achieve your goals! The Physios will take care of Fitness Screening, Posture Analysis, Exercise prescription & injury management. Exercising gets safer & effective only at O2. The music and the ambience add to the flavor and make O2 a great place to workout. Meet the facility manager and the front office crew and enroll yourself today to Get High on Life!

  • Dance

    Dance classes at O2 health studio run by the Hot shoe dance company, Chennai's premier dance company specializes in authentic and certified Latin American styles with Jazz and Hip Hop. Producing the finest dancers who reach in the stages, trained by Chennai's very own Jeffery Vardon, the Hot Shoe Dance company enjoys the status of being the best and highest technically sound company in the city.The bollywood dance is then by Senthil's "S" community.

  • Aerobics

    The overwhelming response to the various styles of aerobics that O2 offers is self explanatory. We are the only fitness studio that offers the most no of aerobic instructions and techniques right from Pilates, Yoga,Kick Boxing, Martial Arts, Body Combat, Body Pump, Body jam, Round 1, Body attack, Dancercise to high/low aerobics.

  • Yoga

    The yogic physical positions and exercises are viewed in terms of Biomechanics and Exercise therapy - The science behind selecting different grades or levels of exercise for each individual. In short, Venkats Yoga aims at improving Strength, Flexibility, Endurance and Agility of a person in the physical plane. Relaxation & Concentration in the mental and spiritual plane. We believe in"AN OUNCE OF PRACTICE IS WORTH TONS OF THEORIES.

    The classes are designed to fit the needs of individuals in each group which is traditional, systematic and a progressive approach which falls under following categories

    1.Yoga Awareness
    2.Pre-beginners Class
    3.Beginners Class
    4.Intermediate Class
    5.Advance Class

  • Indoor Jogging Track - First in Chennai

    Indoor jogging track, gives a real time variety in work out. The 7mm thick PVC indoor track, was specially imported from Germany for O2. This shock absorption material can even withstand high impact levels found in sports training, making exercises safer. You can do your Speed endurance drills, Speed drills, Plyometrics & core training on these tracks. It is surely a boon for athletes and elderly, who would like their walks. There are seaters round the track, to take your breath while you sweat! 20 laps on the track and you have covered a mile!

  • Virtual Cycle - First Time in India!

    Virtual Cycle can help you burn calories before you could realize it, without straining your joints! It is exciting and beats boredom of exercise. It simulates close to reality of cycling outdoors. You hear church bells, birds chirping, all along the course. When you climb up hill, the motor brake makes it difficult to cycle and when down hill the vice versa. You have to cycle slowly & negotiate curves using the Steering frame. Its overall an amazing audio visual bike exercise! What else, it is great for the heart & muscles.

  • Diet Counselling

    Under the able guidance of Ms.Chandri Butt, our well qualified dieticians will take care of your diet routine. They prescribe you the balanced diet in a way that is practical and easy to follow for a long term. We believe in "NO FEASTING NO FASTING". They tailor make your diet plan, whether it is to lose or gain weight, add lean muscle or a sports diet. You will be counseled and monitored to attain a healthy eating behavior. We set realistic long & short-term goals.

  • Sports Training & Sports Rehab

    To cater for the specific medical needs of athletes and physically active population, a branch of Medicine known as the "SPORTS MEDICINE" has evolved It is defined as Medicine of Exercise or total medical care of the exercising individual. If Prevention is better than cure; then sports medicine helps to keep you away from lifestyle disorders and diseases. At O2 under the guidance of Dr. Earnest Vijay, a Sports Physiotherapist & Orthopedic Manipulative Therapist from Australia, provide a comprehensive sports medicine facility to athletes of different disciplines and help in 1.Injury Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment & Rehab 2.Improve Performance - Training, Nutrition, Psychology 3.Management of medical problems caused by exercise 4.Role of exercise in chronic disease states 5.The specific needs of exercising in children, females & older people 6. Medical care of sporting teams, events, altered physiology & Ethical issues

  • Physiotherapy

    Physiotherapy is treating injuries, ailments & disorders through physical means like, Exercises, Heat & Cold Therapy, Massage, Electrotherapy (Interferential Therapy, Ultrasound therapy, Short-wave Diathermy etc), Traction, contrast baths, taping, bandaging & other manual techniques. We at O2 also use diagnostic tools like Pressure biofeedback, HR telemetry, Body fat Analyzers, BP & Blood Glucose Monitors & EMG) to monitor your fitness & health!

  • Spa @ O2

    Integration of mind, body and spirit is a fundamental part of our philosophy and the very foundation of our Spa treatments. Member of our Spa team are internationally qualified and holding International Diplomas from Prestigious Institution from Thailand and have broad experience in traditional and advanced Spa therapies . The team is constantly involved in training programmers to enhance your experience with us.

  • Corporate fitness & Community fitness

    O2 is widely involved in education of the general public, schools, colleges & the corporate sector about well being. We conduct wellness programs in your premises. O2 also is involved in setting up helathclubs in your company premises, to promote good health to the employees at an affordable price, reduce work absenteeism & improve efficiency to produce better results and reduce medical expenses to the employer

  • Pilates

    Pilates at o2 can be learnt under the STOTT pilates certified instructors. Strengthen your core muscles and stabilize your shoulder blades with our experts and get rid of spinal (back) problems. Our Instrecutors will take you through different stages, in a safe and effective manner. programs are available at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

  • Privlileges & Other Features

    You will be a proud member of O2, with the enormous privileges you get on top of good health! As a o2 member you get to use our other facilities in the city. O2 offers discounts in the most popular restaurants in the city. Be it a sports event or a birthday celebration, No can pamper you as O2 can!


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